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Bug#413538: G-I freezes on directfb initialization

reassign 413538 cdebconf-gtk-udeb
retitle 413538 G-I freezes on directfb initialization

On Monday 05 March 2007 18:46, murphymichael@netscape.net wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> The only problem was with graphical installation.  I wanted to give
> it a go but admit to not trying very hard to make it work.  When
> initializing the graphical display, one can just make out a message
> about attempting to initialize the frame buffer, then a greyish screen
> appears with a large mouse pointer (that for a split second can be
> moved) and then the screen/machine freezes.

Hmmm. I've seen similar behavior while we were working on the graphical 
installer and in that case it was a problem/conflict with the 
initialization of the mouse. See http://bugs.debian.org/403329 for 
However, that issue was solved.

Can you try booting the installer with 'installgui DEBIAN_FRONTEND=newt', 
switch to VT2 when the first dialog comes up [1] and then give us the 
output of the following commands:
- cat /proc/bus/input/devices
- ls -l /dev/input
- dfbinfo

Reassigning to cdebconf-gtk until we can get a better handle on this 

> That said, the text installer worked well and, I am very gratified to
> say that this was the most error-free config-perfect linux installation
> I've ever enjoyed.  Great work to all involved!

Thank you!


[1] You can also run the first steps of the installation first until you 
have set up networking; that may make it easier to get the requested 
information off the system. scp is available if you load the optional 
component "openssh-client"; the menu option "save debug logs" may help as 

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