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Bug#413390: partman: formats a newly created partition multiple times

Package: partman-base
Version: 104
Severity: important

During some tests of resizing partitions, I created a vfat and an ext2 
partition and copied some data into them. After resizing other partitions 
I found that that data had disappeared. It turned out that partman just 
kept on formatting the partitions, even after that had already been done 
a first time.

For the ext2 partition, the "Format the partition:" setting was set to 
yes. Maybe that flag should be cleared automatically after a partition 
has been formatted.

For the vfat partition, no such setting is being shown, so I'm not 
completely sure what the solution there would be.

Note that the formatting was being done as part of the "commit pending 
changes" that happens when (before) any partition is being resized.

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