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Bug#397973: parted: Fix mac partition table corruption

On Sat, Mar 03, 2007 at 03:25:20AM +0100, David Härdeman wrote:
> >So "clearing" the flag will only clear it in the internal mac_data
> >structure, it won't cause the system name of the partition to be reset?  Or
> >is this handled by mac_partition_set_system?

> Yes, the system name will not be reset. clearing the flag implies 
> nothing else than that it doesn't apply, it doesn't say what type the 
> partition is after the flag is removed.

Which means, AIUI, that clearing the flag is not sufficient to clear the
flag on disk, so if a user clears the flag, saves changes, closes parted (or
similar), and restarts parted, the flag will show up again, correct?

That seems suboptimal to me.

> If we would set a default, then a partition of type foobar (without the 
> lvm flag set) would get its system type changed if you executed "set 
> <partnr> lvm off" in parted.

Yes, I understand that's a deficiency of how raid flag support is
implemented on mac partition tables.

> Also, I believe this is the same approach that has been taken in the 
> later versions of the upstream package (see the source package in 
> experimental).

Ah well, it's a minor point anyway, compared with the bits that are wholly
breaking partman, so I won't insist on it (at least, not here and now).

Maintainers, please advise whether you're planning a maintainer upload of
parted to fix this for etch, otherwise I'll probably NMU this weekend.

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