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Bug#413263: d-i: bootloader selector

Package: debian-installer
Severity: wishlist
Version: etch-RC2


Debian-installer has strange programm code to decide which bootloader
should be installed. At least the preseed information looks strange.

# Grub is the default boot loader (for x86). If you want lilo installed
# instead, uncomment this:
#d-i	grub-installer/skip		boolean true

Thing I would like to see is

#d-i bootloader-installer/select string grub-installer

So an extra compoment that asks for which bootloader to install.

This will give more flexibility to add other architectures.

Rightnow developers have to research and to modify _two_ pieces of
code to run d-i on new hardware. ( imaginair example "openwrt-installer")

The first thing is the build system of debian-installer, where
has the be found at where "grub-installer" should be disabled
and where the start "openwrt-installer".

The second thing is their actual boot loader.

Having a the "bootloader-installer-selector" layer allows to focus
on the bootloader-installer for the new architecture.

And it makes

#d-i bootloader-installer/select string lilo-installer

and also

#d-i bootloader-installer/select string grub2-installer


Geert Stappers

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