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Bug#411319: Hang at "Creating device files"


I did a little more testing and think I've found the
problem. It seems that for some reason, it doesn't
want to recognize the Debian install CD as a source
anymore. I chroot'd to /target, and tried running
apt-get myself, apt-get update works but apt-get
install just gives me an error about media change, and
that I need to insert the Debian CD.

Since the step immidiately preceding this at 70% is
"Configuring APT sources", I assume this is the first
time the real apt-get is used, possibly the only time
before reboot if you don't use cryptsetup? That would
explain why I could install unencrypted without

Also, the sources.list file in /target/etc/apt doesn't
contain any network mirrors, only the CD-ROM. I assume
this is another bug, it should have the norwegian
mirrors I would think, so a working mirror will
probably keep you from triggering the missing CD bug.

If anyone would like to try to reproduce:
1. Get install image, then disconnect from network
2. Install using encrypted disk
3. Check if it hangs at 73% because there's no source

Kjell Rune

--- David Härdeman <david@hardeman.nu> skrev:
> It seems that /usr/lib/apt/methods/cdrom is stuck in
> an infinite loop 
> trying to read from stdin...this doesn't seem to
> have anything to do 
> with the crypto parts of the installer.
> I hope someone on debian-boot who is more
> knowledgeable about the 
> intricacies of apt will be able to provide more
> feedback...

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