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Bug#410065: installation-report: d-i rc1, NSLU2: minor network-console and boot issues

* Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org> [2007-02-07 08:38]:
> I first tried the di-nslu2.bin image from the installer nightly
> builds, as of midday 2007-02-03.  The kernel sitting next to the
> image was marked as 2.6.18-4 so I assume it was new enough that it
> ought to have had a working network driver for the NSLU2, but it
> didn't - after two tries it never sent out a single network packet.

In-built Ethernet requires a proprietary microcode that is not
included in the daily images.  They are only on the unofficial images.

> I switched to the unofficial RC1 images which include the Intel
> network driver.

Not anymore.  Now the unofficial image uses the GPLed driver as well,
but unlike the official image they include the microcode to make it
work.  For the daily or other official images, you need to use a USB
Ethernet adapter.  I think this is mentioned in the installation
guide, although I could be wrong.

> The only way to install onto this device is using network-console,
> but the installation guide doesn't mention that anywhere; the only
> description of network-console is at the end and mentions selecting
> it from the menu.

Yeah, this is all described on my web page at
http://cyrius.com/debian/nslu2 but I agree that this should also go
into the installation guide.  Unfortunately, I belive it's too late
for etch now to make these changes.

> I discovered that all the menus are corrupt if you use an xterm
> (non-UTF8) instead of a UTF-8 uxterm.  Once I switched to a uxterm
> things were OK.  I believe some of the line drawing characters are
> multi-byte in UTF-8 and this messed up the cursor positioning.

That's right.  I suppose it could be mentioned somewhere in the docs,
but apart from that I think there's little we can do about that if you
don't have a UTF-8 aware terminal.
Martin Michlmayr

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