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Re: we differ, lets care about the common interrests

> I was sad that you chose not to meet with me at FOSDEM, and that when i
> greeted you in the hall outside the debian room, you chose to ignore me and
> pass by me looking the other was, as well as the way you chose to refuse to
> participate in the discussion concerning my ideas for the kernel and d-i, and
> the possibilities initramfs-tools offers to us.
> We have done ourself a lot of hurt since last year, where we were both at
> extremadura and at FOSDEM, and we had a good time together, let us go back to
> this time, and put aside the dispute which riped us in between. I am sure we
> will all have a hard time forgetting what happened, but it is a sign of
> maturity to be able to put it aside for the greater good.
> I still have faith in you and the others involved in this, that you will be
> able to grasp this, and that we can all work in harmony and go back to hacking
> happily ever after.

Rule 1: People do differ

Rule 2: Find the common goals. When not possible: accept Rule 1

Geert Stappers

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