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Re: Filesystem type survives formatting in debian installer?

On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 09:09:38PM +0100, David Härdeman wrote:

Thanks four your answer, David!

> [ ... ]
> >Any ideas why the filesystem type is considered to be crypto_LUKS even
> >after it was reformatted with ext3?  I even tried to set the volume
> >label in the installer, but this did not help either.  After I mke2fs
> >manually, the filesystem type is recognized properly again.
> The problem does not relate to d-i per se. What's happening is that luks 
> creates its header in the first bytes of the partition (so generally at 
> bytes 0 - 300 or so).
> ext3 any some other file systems create their header at an offset of 2 
> blocks (or 1024 bytes).

I disagree with this analyzis because when I switch to a different
vterm and call mke2fs manually while beeing in the d-i partitioner,
the problem goes away.  From that I conclude that mke2fs is perfectly
capable to reliably wipe out the old header.  It must have something
to do with the way how d-i calls mke2fs.

> You would have the same problem had the disk been used as an LVM pv 
> previously, and the solution (for now) is to overwrite the old traces 
> manually (something like dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<disk> bs=1k count=1 
> should do the trick, but it can also hose your entire fs).

See above. My current workaround is to use mke2fs (because it is faster
to type than the dd command you mention above ;-) to wipe out the old
traces.  But this workaround is very inconvenient.  d-i should do that
reliably in the first place.

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