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Re: [stable, D-I] Kernel selection broken for some architectures

--- Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
> Fortunately an alternative solution is possible:
> correcting the default after it has been read from
> the debconf database.
> I have implemented this solution in base-installer
> (1.13.4sarge2) and uploaded that new version to
> stable. As base-installer is not included in 
> D-I initrds for the affected architectures, this
> means we "only" need to include this new version in
> stable and rebuild CD images.

Pardon the newbie question, but since I just jigdo'd a
set of 3.1r5 i386 iso dvd's yesterday, I am concerned
and a little confused.

Will everything work OK if I just use jigdo to update
my 3.1r5 iso images today?  I.E., will the updated
base-installer be updated in the iso image, or do I
also need to wait for the jigdo files to be updated?

TIA for curing my ignorance.


P.S. -- Does this error also affect the amd64-3.1r4
dvd images?  Your initial statement says only 3.1r5 is
affected, so I am presuming the answer to that
question is "no".

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