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Bug#412948: Bug in Etch debian-installer

Package: debian-installer

I have just tried an installation of Etch from the 20070221 weekly build.
This machine is not online, so it was a CD install.

There were several issues, at least one of which I think is a bug.

The installer did not put anything into /etc/crypttab, so my encrypted root failed to load.

The installer seemed to put grub into /boot/boot/grub, presumably because /boot is a separate
(unencrypted) filesystem, which it then treated as a root filesystem.

The startup scripts in /boot allowed me several tries at the encryption passphrase, but the startup scripts in the (encrypted) root filesystem only gave me one try (even though cryptsetup
appeared to be called the same way in each case).

The installer allowed me to build a raid out of raw partitions, and to build an encrypted block device out of the raid, and to lvm the encrypted block device, and to build logical volumes and filesystems out of the lvm, but it frequently lost track of what it was up to. I had to make the setup more complex (from the point of view of booting the system) so that the installer could understand it (i.e. it was simpler from the point of view of the installer), i.e.: build several raid arrays out of several partitions, encrypt each one separately (which means several passphrases are required
during boot up), then lvm one of them, and build filesystems from there.



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