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Bug#411859: installation-report

On Wednesday 21 February 2007 14:05, Bareš Martin wrote:
> Comments/Problems: The Installer wont find any network cards, even I
> change them for others, that are also in the list. I try Edimax
> EN-9503/4 with chipset Realtek 8139C. On other machines, it works, but
> on this one.. noway... I also try other linux distros. Fedora has stop
> responding during detecting HW. But RadHat and Mandriva works OK. Both
> detects network cards well. So I don't know, where the problem could
> be.

In order to be able to look into this, we need the output of 'lspci -nn' 
for the network cards you have tried. Without that information we cannot 
help you.

You can get that information by booting the installation CD and switching 
to VT2 (using alt-F2). You can then start a shell and enter the 
command 'lspci -nn | grep Ethernet'.


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