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Bug#411166: installation-reports: HP ProLiant BL465c G1

On Tuesday 27 February 2007 12:59, Sven Coenye wrote:
> 13. Select the partition inside the /home logical volume and delete it.
> 14. Create a new, smaller partition inside the space. This results in
> the rest becoming unusable.
> 15. Realize mistake, delete all other partitions.
> 16. Still wrong. Delete lvm logical partition.
> 17. End up with Free space all around, but VG and LV still visible.

Correct, because you have _not_ deleted the LV and VG info that is 
physically on the disk by doing this.

> Note: At this point I realized that the "Configure the LVM" option is
> not on the menu (or if it is, its someplace I couldn't see on the iLO
> remote console). Once at this point, there is no way to rearrange the
> guided config. This is what is different between an out-of-the-box
> installation and even the "fresh start" reinstallation of the first
> server.

_Before_ you do 17, there should be that option right at the top of the 
main "manual partitioning" screen. It may be named slightly differently. 
You need to select that option and use the LVM setup menu to delete the 
LVs and VG. Doing that should really give you a clean starting position.

We'll try to reproduce the other issues at some point, but as we're 
focussing on the next release at the moment this may take some time.

Thanks for the additional info.

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