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Bug#412624: partman-auto: all files in one partition fails on 1.2TB disk

Package: partman-auto
Version: 66
Severity: important

I tested today's daily netinst build of i386 on a machine w/ a 1.2TB
logical disk and found that it silently fails to calculate partition

I selected "Partion Disks"->"Guided Partitioning"->"Guided - use entire disk"

Selected my one option:
  SCSI.CCISS (-,0,0) (cciss/c0d0) - 1.2 TB Compaq Smart Array 

And "All files in one partition".

It then presents the overview menu[1], but apparently nothing was

If I let it use the whole disk but split up the partitions, it comes
up with some reasonable-looking calculations.

I'll look into this more later this week - I've not yet debugged any
of the partitioning code so helpful suggestions are welcome :) fyi,
this also exists in sarge installers.

  � This is an overview of your currently configured partitions and mount   �
  � points. Select a partition to modify its settings (file system, mount   �
  � point, etc.), a free space to create partitions, or a device to         �
  � initialise its partition table.                                         �
  �                      S                                                  �
  �     Guided partitioning                                                 �
  �     Help on partitioning                                                �
  �                                                                         �
  �     SCSI.CCISS (-,0,0) (cciss/c0d0) - 1.2 TB Compaq Smart Array         �
  �     >         pri/log    1.2 TB     FREE SPACE                          �
  �                                                                         �
  �     Undo changes to partitions                                          �
  �     Finish partitioning and write changes to disk                       �
  �                                                                         �
  �     <Go Back>                                                           �

dann frazier | HP Open Source and Linux Organization

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