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Bug#410596: [Fwd: (process:number) INFO: kbd-mode: setting console mode to Unicode (UTF-8)]

Frans Pop wrote:
On Monday 19 February 2007 19:11, Pablo Ripolles wrote:
as i said, i had tried all possibilities, i excluded all the
unnecessary modules.  in fact, to "Detect and mount the CD-ROM" (stage
in which d-i allows to un/select all the unnecessary kernel modules)
there are no necessary modules, it doesn't need a module to detect and
mount the CD successfully.  therefore i did tried the lightest possible
configuration too.

Please provide us with the following data:
- do you get a dialog saying the installer is entering low memory mode?

yes! it is the message that appears on screen before i have access to the main menu.

- what languages are offered in the first dialog (language selection)?

the low memory dialog warns me that the installation must proceed in english, so only english. it also warns i should set up swap space as soon as possible (which i can't--see other message on this thread). however, once on the main menu, if i select "Choose language" the offer of languages is too long to be written here, i guess all languages. i do not select any language but stay in english, not even a spanish keyboard layout.

- if you switch to VT2 at that point (or use the "start a shell" option
  in the main menu), what is the output of:

ok, in this case i have to choose the spanish keyboard layout.

  - grep ^MemTotal: /proc/meminfo

MemTotal:  54888 kB

  - grep ^MemFree: /proc/meminfo

before i do "Detect and mount CD":

MemFree:  32304 kB

after i do "Detect and mount CD" (without loading any kernel modules) but before i do "Load installer components from CD":

MemFree:  31440 kB

after i do "Load installer components from CD" (without loading any optional installer modules, so no crypto-modules, eject-udeb, fb-modules, ipv6-modules,...):

MemFree:  5032 kB

so, here we can see it! great! it is clearly a question of the flow of the installer. the actual flow is not congruent with the low memory mode, it should be possible to mount swap space before i do "Load installer components from CD".

Cheers everyone!

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