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Bug#411621: installation-reports: [amd64] hangs after showing 1st dialog

Thanks your comment,

Frans Pop wrote:
On Tuesday 20 February 2007 08:51, Tatsuki Sugiura wrote:
However installer hangs after showing 1st dialog (language chooser).
"fb=false" and "video=vga16:off" options do not affect this problem.

It is very unlikely that the installer actually hangs at that point.


It is much more likely that it is running fine, but that the keyboard is not being recognized which means that typing anything just does not have any effect.

If you have a USB keyboard, try changing the "legacy usb keyboard support" option in your BIOS setup. If the system also has a connector for AT keyboards and you can find one, try that.

Unfortunately I use PS/2 keyboard, and can input keys with i386 installer.

However thanks for your notice! I might find a hint in BIOS help.
The help text says that I need to make *DISABLE* 8042 emulation
to install "Red Hat 64bit".

ML110 G4 has weird hardware in keyboard connection??
I made disable emulation and tried install again, but no key
input was available, too.

Anyway, this problem is not hangup of kernel or installer, I think.
I'll test install with serial console redirection or preseed mode
at this weekend(?).

Tatsuki Sugiura   mailto:sugi@nemui.org

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