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Re: r45184 - in trunk/packages/localechooser: . debian

Frans Pop wrote:
> Could you take a look at this from a cdebconf perspective?

Well, from a debconf perspective at least..

> Apparently a db_register does not "copy" the _value_ of the question for 
> the template the new question is being linked to. This seems sane to me. 
> After all, you are linking the new question to a template, not to an 
> existing question.
> In normal use, the _default_ set for the language-specific template _does_ 
> work as that is a value inherited from the *template*. Seems consistent 
> to me.


> I also see that a question keeps its value even if it is unregistered and 
> re-registered after setting the value. Is that correct?

Depends on internal garbage collection implementation probably. Not true
of debconf:

register debconf/frontend foo/bar
get foo/bar
0 Dialog
set foo/bar baz
0 value set
get foo/bar
0 baz
unregister foo/bar
get foo/bar
10 foo/bar doesn't exist
register debconf/priority foo/bar
get foo/bar
0 high
unregister foo/bar

see shy jo

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