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Re: Extending accessibility support in D-I for Lenny

Mario Lang wrote:
> > A side project of this indeavor would be far more
> > interesting for the masses, namely getting software
> > speech synthesis into Debian Installer.  Currently, people
> > without braille display hardware can not really
> > use d-i directly.  It would be desireable for Lenny
> > to get something like espeak into d-i, and all the necessary
> > sound-card auto-setup that is required to make this actually usable.

Frans Pop wrote:
> If you have a solution for speech that can be integrated in either the 
> textual or graphical installer that would a lot lighter than basing 
> things on ORCA, feel free to propose it.
> The easy part is adding sound modules and basic alsa support. The 
> difficult part is the actual conversion from display to speech and 
> optionally from speech to input.
> But basically that _is_ the goal of the ORCA approach that Willie and I 
> talked about.


It would be great to have in the future a Orca-like for embedded
environment such as mobile.

Today, in principle using a Speakup enabled kernel + Speechd-Up +
SpeechDispatcher + eSpeak or in user space, Yasr + emacspeak server +
eSpeak, a text based dialog might be correctly spoken.

In the Oralux menu, pppconfig for example is spoken through Yasr. For
better rendering, dialog had been rewritten. 

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