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Re: RFC auth patch

peter green wrote:
> imo making this availible through preseeding while it will be helpfull
> for some is not going to help most people who run into this issue.
> the real fix imo would be to make apt/aptitude have an option to use
> debconf for this prompt. Failing that i belive the soloution would be
> to check for the key problem before installing anything (there must be
> a way to check for it programatically) and pop up a warning if an
> issue was discovered (and based on the users response add the
> configuration setting).

The difficulty is that key checking happens in many places
(net-retriever, debootstrap, aptitude), and can fail in any of these
stages, since any can be the first stage that needs to access the
network mirror. And of course debootstrap and aptitude don't have a way
to communicate authentication failures back to their caller.

The patch does at least lay the groundwork for such a dialog, and it
would be easy later to turn it into a dialog at the net-retreiver stage.

see shy jo

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