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Bug#410971: interactive aptitude wants to remove hfsutils and sudo after etch installation

On Thursday 15 February 2007 01:10, Joey Hess wrote:
> Rick Thomas wrote:
> > After installation on a powerpc system (PowerMac Blue&White G3) when
> > aptitude is run in interactive (curses) mode, told to do update and
> > finish any pending operations ("g") command, it turns out that the
> > "hfsutils" and "sudo" packages are marked for deletion.  If aptitude
> > is told to go ahead (a second "g" command) it will delete them.  This
> > has bad effects on the health of the system.

I have seen this occasionally in the past, especially when I used 'apt-get 
builddeps' or some such on an installed system. However, I have never 
seen this after installs.

I also cannot reproduce it if I install d-i with sudo option. If I login 
afterwards and do 'sudo aptitude' followed by 'u' and 'g', I just get "No 
packages are scheduled to be installed, removed or upgraded.

> This is because aptitude has begun doing this for all packages
> installed via apt-get. d-i uses aptitude for the main body of the
> installation, but additional packages are installed using apt-get.

When has it started doing this? Not recently I hope?
I still can't reproduce it. If this were structural and happened in all 
cases, we'd get loads of packages that would be uninstalled. Remember we 
install the kernel this way...

Is there any other reason not to switch to aptitude for this other than 
that aptitude is noticeably slower for single package installs?

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