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Bug#410006: netinstall cdrom detection fails when using external usb cdrom drive

On Tuesday 13 February 2007 20:39, Frans Pop elendil-at-planet.nl |reportbug| wrote:
> Now you are completely confusing me. "Failure on module loading" is not 
> the same as "failure to recognize the CD".

Okay, I should have worded that better (I did not remember the exact working of the error). What I meant to say was that I am getting the same failure as always. If you want, I can write down the exact phrasing the installer gives me the next time I try out the installer.

To help make clear what caused the confusion, let me quickly explain what I did. It should be noted that this computer is happily working with Debian Testing and I have to reboot to test the netinstall (which makes tracking of things a little difficult). 

When asked for udebinfo output I booted the system with Debian Testing already installed on the hard drive and proceeded to save the output of udevinfo from that configuration. I did not remove this because I did intend to send it with the output from the install CD for comparisons sake. Then I booted the netinstall CD and created the output there. Saved it on the hard drive. Booted back into the system and pasted the output from the running system into the email, forgot to mention that it was from the running system and forgot to paste the install cd output. Email was sent. Then I download the netinstall CD today to try out the newer version, booted and had the same problem happen. Sent another email stating that I tried the newest daily and of  course made the same mistake in terms of not pasting the output from the netinstall cd. This email was sent at about the same time you asked for the syslog, but to add to the confusion it appears that it was delayed until *after* my next email was sent. By this time I read your email and realized my mistake. I boot the CD-ROM, follow your advice (made sure to print it), save all the output and created a new email with correct output. Email sent. That was the last email up to this one that I sent. But from what you say the previous email was delayed and you received it *after* this last one. I do apologize for the confusion.

> Also, this output you are sending now:
> ... is completely different from what you gave in your previous mail:
> > # udevinfo -q env -p /sys/block/sr0
> > ID_REVISION=0000
> > ID_SERIAL=LaCie_LaCie_CDRW_USB_10000E000AF0C2C8
> > ID_TYPE=floppy
> > ID_BUS=usb
> > ID_PATH=pci-0000:00:1d.7-usb-0:3:1.0-scsi-0:0:0:0

Let me assure you that the output which identifies the CD-ROM as a floppy is the correct one.

> With the _first_ output, your drive should be recognized automatically. 
> With the _second_ output I can understand why it doesn't.
> It looks like the first udevinfo output may be from your running system, 
> but you don't actually say so.


> Please explain where the difference comes from.
> - Was the udevinfo output obtained using the same kernel?
>   (Use 'uname -a' and 'cat /proc/version' to check.)
> - Is there some module that is loaded in the first case that is not loaded
>   in the second one?
> - If so, which module is it?
> - If you load that module manually in the installer, does the difference
>   in the output of udevinfo then disappear?
> It looks like the support for the drive is there. _You_ are best placed to 
> determine what the missing factor in the installer is. What exactly is 
> needed to get the "full" udevinfo output *in the installer*?

I will try to figure this out. I cannot do this now because that requires me to reboot and I cannot reboot this system right now.


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