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Bug#410006: netinstall cdrom detection fails when using external usb cdrom drive

On Wednesday 14 February 2007 00:11, o99v69402@sneakemail.com wrote:
> $ udevinfo -q env -p /sys/block/sr0

In that case the command 'list-devices cd' should return the device, as it 
has this code:
    if ! $match && [ "$TYPE" = cd ]; then
        if udevinfo -q env -p "$devpath" 2>/dev/null | \
           grep -q '^ID_CDROM='; then

What does 'list-devices cd' return?

Can you try uncommenting the line "set -x" in this script
before you run the cdrom detection step (e.g. while the language question 
is being displayed) and send (gzipped!) the debugging info in

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