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Bug#407460: USB ethernet interface renamed after installation on NSLU2 which causes the system to be inaccessible

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> No.  If nic-modules is included (and hence the ixp4xx ethernet
> driver), USB will get eth1 and the installer won't work at all because
> it will use eth0, which is the ixp4xx device that doesn't work because
> of the missing microcode.

I take it that netcfg's use of link detection doesn't make it default to
eth1 in this case?

> One solution would be to include nic-modules and have a udev rule file
> to make sure that the USB ethernet is eth0.  Unfortunately, I've no
> idea how to easily add such a udev file to the image.

The rule could go in rootskel for arm only, but it would need to be one
that only affected the nslu2 and not other arms. If that is not possible
in a udev rule, we would have to make rootskel move the rule into place
during early boot if it detected an nslu2. 

see shy jo

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