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Bug#410512: Further information, new USB-stick works

I continued trying the installation from USB-memory, this time with
another memory stick, this time 512 MB. The longer method with
syslinux and copying files on stick by hand produced on booting the

No operating system found

When I did install-mbr, I got

Boot failure

Next I tried zcatting the boot.img.gz, I worked with the same set of
files as on saturday. This worked, boot went OK and I installed

Is it somehow possible to know before trying all methods and different
USB memories what way of creating the USB boot media works? Or a
simpler and faster way than trying installation to check if the
created USB memory is OK?

I used the USB memory I tried first, the 256 MB size, two and a half
years ago to install this same host. Then the only way I got it to
boot was with GRUB. 

Tapio Lehtonen

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