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debconf database python parsing

dear joey,

thank you for responding about the python debconf interface: much
appreciated.  i'll take a look at it in detail: for now, it
looks basically like it runs debconf-communicate.

what i'm planning to do might - and i say might, because i don't
know (yet!) what debconf-communicate does - not _quiiiite_ fit
into that.

basically i need a database (proper one, really, with relational syntax)
with aaaaabsolluuutely eeeeeverything in it.

i might use this as an excuse to write that in-memory in-python
relational database thing i always thought would be a cool idea *lol*.

so, for example, i plan to be able to provide a tree-view of the
entire debconf database (hey i just discovered a port of google-web-kit
to python, so cool!  http://pyjamas.pyworks.org) in several different
views / perspectives; to provide 'favourites' or 'weighted-by-most-recent'
settings, that sort of thing.

if debconf-communicate can return things like 'complete list of all
package names' and 'search package names by regex' and 'search option
names by regex' then _great_.

if not - then i _would_ help, if debconf-communicate was written in
python - but ... y'know... somehow i have this _real_ funny feeling
it's written in perl :)


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