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Bug#407460: USB ethernet interface renamed after installation on NSLU2 which causes the system to be inaccessible

On Feb 12, Gordon Farquharson <gordonfarquharson@gmail.com> wrote:

> Will udev add this new rule to
> /etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules ? Since no new rules are
Yes, this is the whole point.

> being added on my test system, does this tells whether something like
> DRIVERS=="?*" is matching or not ?
Apparently not. I see that I already suggested this in my first
reply on december 14.

> It seems that the real question is what sequence of events causes an
> interface to be named eth1_rename, as opposed to the next available
> interface name (e.g. eth1). I'll see if I can figure this out from the
I explained this today.
I do not think I can help you further if you ignore what I write.


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