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Bug#410574: debian-installer: System halted on using <back> button in partition resize screen.

Geert-Jan Hut wrote:
Package: debian-installer
Severity: normal

I used the debian-installer a number of times, and at one time I was working with it's partitioning resizing functionality. I hit the back button before I did anything permanent, but at that moment my system froze. Only a hard reset brought the system out of the freeze.

I'm sorry I do not have any more info, but at that moment I wasn't doing anything important (at least in my perception) and only after hitting the reset button it occured to me that I really should be logging what I was doing. The system itself is very stable, there has been no other occasion it crashed. Therefore I thought it was important enough to bring this incident to your attention.

The problem occured when installing a i386 architecture. The installation of this amd64 architecture, as well as other installation attempts of the i386 architecture system never failed on this part. The problem only occured once.

Regards. Geert-Jan.

This seems a serious one: could you please test again with the same ISO using the textual frontend (boot the cdrom with "install DEBIAN_FRONTEND=newt") and see if you can reproduce the bug ?
BTW, what ISO image were you using?



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