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Bug#410436: failed load

jeanders wrote:
> Package: DiscountLinuxDVD 
> version: 3.1r4
> Boot method: CD #1
> Image version: Debian 3.1r4 from DiscountLinuxDVD.com for sparc
> Date: Feb 8, 2007
> Machine: Sun Ultra 2
> At boot: prompt I did >return
> The system proceeded to boot reading from the CDROM.
> During the load of the installer it got to 98% and errored...I did
> retry several times, then continue. 
> The process proceeded ok until the install of the base system.
> It load until getting a Debootstrap Error, "could not download
> libpcap0.7."
> I selected continue and shortly got the error "Failed to install the
> base system. The base system installed into /target/ failed."

It sounds like you have either a bad CD that cannot be read well, or a
CD drive problem that prevents the disc from being reliably read.

I have no idea who DiscountLinux are, or what they've sold you, or what
version of the installer is on it. We'd need that information to help any

see shy jo

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