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Re: r44961 - people/rmh/win32-loader

Robert Millan wrote:
> If we could have a prestablished path in which a preseed file can be put,
> on which d-i would search in existing ntfs partitions (much similarly at how
> it searches for .iso files), win32-loader could put a preseed file there.
> A good place for me would be c:\debian\<whatever>

Not doable without a good deal of code, and for the netboot image, that
would have to come after network setup (to download the disk drivers),
and so wouldn't be very useful for preseeding the stuff you want to
preseed, anyway.

You could repackage the initrd and put the preseed file into it.. it'd
even be possible to do this by appending an appopriately built cpio file
containing your /preseed.cfg to the initrd, since it's really an initramfs
cpio image and initramfs stiches cpio archives together.

see shy jo

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