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Re: ifconfig set does not last over a reboot

On Thu, Feb 08, 2007 at 12:48:57PM -0600, Stephen  Peterson wrote:
> I am running Ubuntu 6.0.6 on a P3 Intel computer.  I am using two IP
> addresses on a single NIC card in order to have two virtual apache
> servers running.  I set the second IP address from command line using
> 'sudo ifconfig -v eth0:0 add'  This command works fine,
> both apache servers run fine.  After reboot, the configuration is lost
> and I must reset it again manually.  Does anyone know what I should do
> to make the  configuration permanent?  Thanks Steve

You may have better luck on a Ubuntu list.  If its the same as debian,
you are right, ifconfig settings are lost on reboot.  Network is
configured in /etc/network


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