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Re: failed to test the graphical installer from local directory

Vern Sun wrote:
are you running debconf as root?

I am not sure. I just follow the guide:
---8< ----------
#chrooting inside d-i/build/tmp/gtk-miniiso/tree/
sudo chroot ./ sh

#creating all device files needed to access the framebuffer
cd /dev
mknod fb0 c 29 0
mknod tty c 5 0
mknod tty0 c 4 0
mknod tty8 c 4 8

#starting the debian-installer
debconf-loadtemplate d-i /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.templates
debconf -f gtk -o d-i /usr/bin/main-menu
---8< ----------
After that, system crash. Keyboard and mouse won't respond.

Given the great number of environmental variables involved, could you please first check that the regular gtk miniiso boots on your system ?

I think some more error output is needed;

I don't yet know enough about d-i and DirectFB both. If you don't mind, can
you tell me what steps to take to properly troubleshoot.

First, i suggest you to ssh into your test machine from another one, do the chroot and start the installer from remote: you'll be able to see error messages that otherwise you wouldn't.


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