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Bug#410087: SATA+PATA on MS-6728 Neo2 865PE leads to oops on boot

Package: installation-reports

Hi!  I wanted to install etch on my old desktop PC, so a few hours ago
I downloaded the 20070207-1 image from:


This machine is an i386 MSI Neo2 motherboard with SATA and PATA.  For
more system details, see the BIOS outputs in the images below.  There
is one 74GB SATA disk and one PATA NEC CD-ROM.

To reproduce my problem, I followed these steps:

1) Enter bios, chose 'Reset to high-performance defaults'.  (Choosing
  'BIOS defaults' leads to the same, I think.)
2) Enter 'integrated peripherals' and change 'PATA only' to 'SATA+PATA' and
   change 'Legacy mode' to 'Native mode'.
3) Change device boot-order, to make it boot of the CD.
4) Boot the debian installer, press enter on the first prompt.

Then I get a kernel oops.  I don't know how to write the details down
for you, so I took some pictures, uploaded to:


The last two images include BIOS version information stuff.  Note that
the CD is 'Secondary slave' and the HD is 'Third Master', which seems
rather odd.

There is a simple work-around: In the BIOS, chose 'Native mode', 'SATA
only', and toggle the 'Keep PATA enabled' option.  This makes
SATA+PATA and the installer work.  Btw, with these changes, the CD is
still 2nd slave and the HD is still third master.

Even though there is a workaround, I thought you'd might be interested
in hearing about this.  My configuration looked rather basic, and the
error message I got was not pretty.


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