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Re: debconf-question-asking cgi script

ok - first step: satisfy that utter hate and disrespect of that
_wonderfully_ powerful W.O.R.N language, perl, by writing a template
parser - in python :)

actually, whoever wrote Debconf::Questions.pm did an extremely good job:
the code is _very_ obvious and clear - it's just that, to me, perl is a
R.O.W.N (read once, write never) language, so in order to get
significant things done (fast), i _have_ to write in python.

anyway.  here's the beginnings of a debconf template reader.

in python.


tomorrow's task, if i am not staggering around drunk or fired for not
being able to get into work on time, is to actually check that what i've
done makes sense, and then use it to create a cgi script that displays
the debconf database in weird and actually useful ways.

the task after _that_ is to spew forth information that can go into
debconf-get-selections [i'm not stupid - i'll write a reader in python
but not a writer ha ha] and then run dpkg-reconfigure <packagename>
where packagename is what got modified.

_hopefully_ that won't totally trash everything!

i'm counting on the experiences of xdebconfigurator, which works pretty
well other than when you install the [proprietary] nvidia module it is
_never_ picked up or selected as the default over-and-above the 'nv'
module, which is a bit of a pain.

so - much fun to look forward to....


On Tue, Feb 06, 2007 at 09:43:35PM +0000, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> guys,
> i thought you might be the best people to ask this.
> in light of there being very little admin GUIs for any linux distro,
> i thought i would finally try writing one.
> the shortest path from A to B is via the debconf database.
> therefore, would you mind advising me: what command-line tools are there
> (no - i will not write in perl) to dump a debconf template for a
> particular item?
> i don't mind using debconf-get-selections but i really need the list
> of options/answers for e.g. a drop-down list and i need the descriptive
> text etc. etc.
> or, when i get to it, will it be quite obvious?
> l.
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lkcl.net - mad free software computer person, visionary and poet.

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