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Marvell "Uknown Device 4364, rev 12"


I tried the amd64 installer for etch (net, RC1) on an ACER Aspire
T180. The mentionned message did appear. It seems, from
/usr/src/linux/drivers/net/sky2.c, that this driver,
  { PCI_DEVICE(PCI_VENDOR_ID_MARVELL, 0x4364) }, /* 88E8056 */
is supported on recent kernels. I tried loading the sky2 driver from
the boot CD, but I couldn't get the network working.

I would like to recompile and install a recent kernel : where could I
find an appropriate .config, resulting in a kernel similar to the one
found on the installer disk ? What supplemental packages, not found on
the CD, does I have to install ? kernel-package, libc6-dev,
libncurses-dev ? Other ?


Pascal Dupuis

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