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Bug#362633: installation-report: fails to detect hard drive

Op 02-02-2007 om 16:36 schreef oberhuber@kmlinux.fjfi.cvut.cz:
> Hello,
> I have the same problem with Debian Etch for amd64.

And have you also the same hardware?

> <snip/>
> Shell I check another module?

I suggest that you do a install with a recent installer,
visit http://www.nl.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/
scroll down to "something newer" and pick one.

Next step is providing an installation report with the skeleton
from http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/ch05s03.html#submit-bug

Geert Stappers

Bug #362633 is marked as closed.

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