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Re: strange behavior of tasksel - my mistake or a BUG?

Hi Joey,

thank you very much for your help/hints! - really nice perl code!! .. however I'm not quite able to follow or debug the execution of it if I'am running tasksel "by hand" ... (to see why my new tasks can be choosen but not installed)

I've spent few days with trying to insert new tasks inside the tasksel sources ... build a new tasksel .deb, incluce it/them on the InstallCD and so on ... NOT quite with awaited success :-(

Which files do I have to modify to add a new task to the tasksel-menu?
Are there maybe another easier and/or better possiblity to add new tasks to tasksel?
(I've red also the tasksel README file and the manual page of course, searched im internet ...  ;-)

I've created:
1. new task-files in tasks/
2. inserted new entries for new packages/tasks in override and override.extra files
3. tried to modify tasks/po/debian-tasks.pot ... and tested such new tasksel package
    ( what is the syntax of the "package Tag/Task" lines in the override.extra file?
      may I have multiply taskname entries for one package name?)

It would be great if you could recommend me some points  or docs refer to the tasksel topic - thank you in advance!

best regards,
PS: just playing with the "list" methode to see if all packages inside the task will be installed too

2007/1/28, Joey Hess < joeyh@debian.org>:
Mark Schneider wrote:
>    IS it a bug or a feature? - strange behavior of tasksel after modifying of
>    the pool on the etch InstallCD (incl. creating new Packages.gz and Release
>    Files) - tasksel DOES NOT install the choice .. any idea WHY?

Because when you created the files you did not include the override
infromation that is used to add the task files, so tasksel doesn't have
any task information. The overrides are in the debian/indicies directory
on Debian mirrors and have to be merged in by apt-ftparchive.

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