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Bug#408437: cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Rescue mode doesn't work with g-i

Frans Pop wrote:
On Sunday 28 January 2007 18:42, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

Yep, and even useful for other purposes when gtk/dfb is used.
Is this something we want to definitely put efforts on for Lenny?

Well, we definitely want some form of shell support from the frontend (that is also usable with rescue mode) for Lenny. I have no idea what the preferred technical solution is.

It is definitely too late to implement anything for Etch.

This week i did some experiments with libvte and gtk/dfb: it turns out that libvte just needs some simple patching to be built against gtk/dfb. Attached screenshot shows a terminal widget embedded into the gtk frontend, on my development debian system. There are some serious issues, however, that may make libvte unfit for the d-i

- It depends upon libncurses5
- Size matters: libvte + libvcurse5 require ~ 800KB on the installation ISO

What do you think? is having a graphical console inside the g-i worth alocating 800KB on istalation media to libraries plus some MB for runtime memory requirements?

Other otions would be libzvt or trying to embed dfbterm into a gtk widget, as Davide recently proposed.



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