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Windows migration as Lenny release goal

Hello Micheal,

I have now, for the second time, removed your entry about supporting 
Windows migration from the DI/LennyGoals wiki page. Please do not add it 

Note that it is not my intention to stifle new ideas and you are welcome 
to start a discussion on the subject on debian-devel, debian-project or 
even debian-boot, but the subject is _not_ going to be a goal for Lenny 
for the installer. That does not mean it may not happen, but it is not a 
goal and certainly not ATM.

IMO, as D-I release manager, supporting Windows migration is far outside 
the scope of the installer and would be something better implemented in a 
regular package outside D-I.

There are also serious policy issues with implementing something like that 
in the installer which should be discussed on debian-devel: you cannot 
just create or modify configuration files for other packages.

IMO the proper way to go about this would be:
1) check if there already is free software that provides this
   functionality (I would be surprised if there is not)
2) make sure that any (potential) policy issues are identified, discussed
   and solved
3) implement the functionality in a regular package that can be run by a
   user after the installation
4) prove that it works correctly for all relevant versions of Windows
5) make sure that all popular desktop environments, browsers, mail
   clients, etc. are supported
6) only then start a discussion about possible support for the tool during
   new installations


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