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Re: Debian Etch on LVM

On Thu, February 1, 2007 13:37, orion195 said:
> Il giorno 01/feb/07, alle ore 11:49, David Härdeman ha scritto:
>> What you might be able to do is to make sure that some sort of swap is
>> setup (manually, e.g. on some kind of USB-attached storage) before you
>> attempt the LVM setup steps.
> I've created on a second PC the PV-VG and LV but .... partman doesn't
> recognize the volumes...

Did you install the partman-lvm package? If you didn't, the lvm2 utilities
will not be installed and the LVM nodes won't be recognized by partman.
However, if you do install partman-lvm (and its dependencies) it is not
unlikely that you will encounter the out-of-memory condition again later
during the install so I still recommend that you find a way of providing
some swap space.

If you do want to try to get the LVM volumes recognized and you have
partman-lvm installed you can always try changing to a shell (by backing
out to the main menu from the partitioning dialogue and selecting the
appropriate option towards the end of the menu) and then running "vgscan"
followed by "vgchange -ay". Hopefully that should cause some device nodes
to show up under /dev/mapper/ (I'm not sure whether this will work).

If it does, you can exit the shell to return to the menu and start partman
again from there. It should now rescan the devices that are present and
hopefully find the LVM nodes.

David Härdeman

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