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D-I RC2 kick-off

Hi all,

Many must have been waiting anxiously for this mail. No, you don't get a 
time schedule for D-I RC2 yet, just an overview. The schedule will follow 
sometime later this week (on relevant lists).

The (maybe-not-yet-completely-final) kernel for Etch is now available in 
unstable, which means we can now seriously start preparing D-I RC2. All 
kernel (module) udeb packages have been rebuilt and uploaded, so we can 
switch D-I to 2.6.18-4 tomorrow. The kernel team may be planning one last 
upload [1]; see also issues below.

Most functional changes for d-i have already been uploaded to unstable; 
only a few minor changes are still pending.
There have been quite a few translation updates since RC1, so a major 
upload for most udebs is still needed, probably later this week. There 
will be _no_ string freeze (or rather: no period to allow for translation 
updates), basically because there have been no relevant string changes 
since RC1.

As we have a new kernel with an ABI update and also quite a few changes in 
D-I since RC1, we will need to allow some time for testing daily images.
We are very happy that in recent weeks we [2] have been able to solve all 
major issues with the graphical installer that were still present in RC1.

We will send a call for testing to d-d-a when daily images sufficiently 
approach what RC2 should look like.

Before we can start migrating udebs to testing, the final kernel (plus all 
related packages like linux-latest) should already be in testing, so that 
is a major dependency for our planning.

We still see quite a lot of uploads of packages that have udebs or affect 
installs. It would be really nice if things could settle down now so we 
get a somewhat more stable environment for RC2 and Etch. However, this is 
up to the Release Managers.

Important for D-I porters
If there are any architecture specific issues or planned changes that 
require attention before RC2, please mail details and planning to d-boot 

We will also need some uploads of arch-specific udebs (mostly for 
translation updates), put I will ping the relevant porters for those.

#403706 - allow-hotplug and udev
I'm not sure if this still requires a change in d-i. Both issues that 
triggered this BR have now been fixed in udev and the proposed change in 
d-i still feels like it should not be needed.

#380226 - NTFS (partition) not recreated correctly after resize:
         incorrect start sector
This RC bug affects resizing of Windows Vista partitions. Unfortunately it 
has not received the attention it deserves. It currently looks like 
resizing Vista partitions will not be supported during installation.

#407759 - JMicron CD controller on Intel 965 motherboards not supported
          by current kernel
Basically it is up to the kernel team to determine if this can be resolved 
for Etch. We've seen at least three recent reports though, so it is 
likely to hit quite a few users.

Of course there are other issues, but AFAIK none that can't be listed as 
errata. If you feel there are important issues missing, please reply.

- ppp-udeb has today been uploaded with significantly improved PPPoE
- A new dejavu has recently been uploaded with some important
- I've committed a last minute change in apt-setup to reduce the maximum
  waiting time while scanning for the security mirror; this could take
  up to 6 minutes and has now been reduced to 1.5; see #393033 for

Frans Pop

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-kernel/2007/01/msg00874.html
[2] With special thanks to Attilio Fiandroti for his excellent work

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