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Bug#408340: syslog example

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Tammo Block wrote:
> Am Montag, 29. Januar 2007 10:13 schrieben Sie:
>> I suspect this is done intentionally by your ISP and all http traffic is
>> redirected to a page that explains how to contact the ISP if the login info
>> is bad. (Needless to say that the assumption that the mostly/only/first
>> used protocol is stupid, but, anyhow, is their choice).
> This is exactly what happens.
>> As far as I am concerned, I think the best solution is to warn in the
>> installation guide about such abnormal behaviour/setups.
>> Tammo, Frans, what do you think about this approach?
> I think you are right here. One might test the connection in a different way 
> (e.g. wget something from www.d.o). But as you never know how weird the ISP 
> setup might be, you might never catch all possible scenarios. So a warning in 


> the guide would be better. You may even add a very short notice in the 
> success message of the ppp-udeb. 

Weeeell, currently there is no such message and I would prefer to release the
current version as soon as possible to make sure the Etch installer has
working support for (standard ;-) PPPoE installs for most people.

I'd say this notice should be something for the next release (of ppp-udeb).

BTW, proposals for the short notice are welcome.

> BTW. My Provider is Arcor Gremany (I think it's still a Vodafone division)
This could be added(for documentation reasons) to the future wiki page about
PPPoE (installations) and maybe the guide, too.

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