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Bug#406621: Acknowledgement (etch/install i386 hang after first reboot on Compaq ML370 with PIII proc)

Additional info. I found problem. Serwer is in unstable state after load kernel module sym53c8xx . In my serwer better works ncr53c8xx, but sarge installator don't give me decision to select properly driver. I don't know how to permanent disable loading sym53c8xx module, on installator and on next reboot.

this driver break server stability. some of processes are frozen, but are listed in ps as slept. some of process have <damaged> flag.

I cannot remove sym53c8xx fro server, because it is built in motherboard controller. I don't use this controller, because I connect disks to added SA3200 controller.

I read opinions about sym53c8xx module at internet forums.
Conclusion is, this driver is propably damaged, and incorrectly support hardware. It's recommended to upgrade to current version, available on www.hp.com site.

I can correctly install system, when I disable in BIOS scsi device,
then continue minimal installation using Sarge. I must lookout, to remove 'X' when installator select sym53c8xx module/driver. After successfull install, I upgrade minimal installation from Sarge to Etch. Finally, it's recommended look into initrd file for sym53c8xx.
If it is, then it's recommended to remake this file to remove sym53c8xx.

This file can be loaded after boot outside initrd.

I think a lot of people have problem with some of built-in hardware.
I suggest to present all loaded drivers by installator in expert mode.

There is other problem. When any of driver/module is deselected, then instalator again ask user for deselectet driver. When user is inattentive, simply click ok/continue. Then unwanted driver is installed.

Grzegorz Szyszło
Departament Informatyki
Lublin, tel. (81)532-77-20 w.240 , kom.607-940-478

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