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Bug#407905: What about the proposed patch?

Title: What about the proposed patch?

Hi there!

Could someone please tell me what happened to the patch that David Härdeman proposed
for #393728, which was supposed to fix #393728, #397872 and #398464, and all the

>From #407905 it seems that the problem is still present in the 2007-jan-15 build.

If the patch is correct and adequate, will it be merged in the near future?

(Since in #407905 Davin again states that problem "requires changes of
a magnitude which make them unsuitable to add before the upcoming d-i Etch release",
I doubt this, but then, what's about the patch?)

  * * *

Also, could someone affirm that the beta3 images don't have this bug?
And what about RC1?

Best wishes:

    Kristof Csillag

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