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strange behavior of tasksel - my mistake or a BUG?


IS it a bug or a feature? - strange behavior of tasksel after modifying of the pool on the etch InstallCD (incl. creating new Packages.gz and Release Files) - tasksel DOES NOT install the choice .. any idea WHY? .. thank you a lot in advance ;-) .. it is possible to install this packages with the manual option ...

I've tested it with tasksel 2.63 and 2.66 ... any idea? - thank you in advance for any hints! :-)

best regards,

PS. I'm asking me if the order of entries in Packages.gz inside dists are importent for tasksel
      I've created the index files as follows: apt-ftparchive generate config
      config ist the configuration file for .deb ... I can access the packages in the repository and install them by "hand .. apt-et install package_name" ...

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