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Bug#408435: cdebconf-gtk-udeb: g-i cuts the rightmost part of the text set by INFO

On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 at 04:54:34AM +0100, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
> On Thursday 25 January 2007 21:19, Mike Hommey wrote:
> > See the attached screenshot from an attempt to run the rescue mode
> > (which runs db_info rescue/info), the right-most part of the text (the
> > last e in Rescue mode) is cut.
> This is weird.
> If I start rescue mode, I first get only "rescue mod". Then, after 
> selecting English as language, the "e" gets added and it looks perfect.
> I do not get the situation with the cut "e".

I also get the "rescue mod" first. It eventually gets to the situation
with the cut "e", but I don't remember when. It never gets perfect though.


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