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Bug#408588: Debian on SGI Altix IA-64

On Thursday 25 January 2007 19:57, Stéphane Larose wrote:
> In kernel > 2.6.7, there is a new serial console driver for the Altix
> L1 (CONFIG_SERIAL_SGI_L1_CONSOLE=y) and the device is /dev/ttySG0. I
> think this device gets associated with /dev/console in the d-i because,
> if I create it (just before busybox init starts):
> mknod ttySG0 c 204 40

The fact that /dev/ttySG0 does not get created is a kernel/udev issue as 
far as I know. After that is solved, passing 'console=/dev/ttySG0' as a 
boot parameter to the installer should make things work correctly.

> 2- creating the /dev/ttySG0 device in the init-udev-devices script

AFAIK this should not be needed. On powerpc they use various weird serial 
devices as well, and AFAIK these are not created manually either.

IMO the IA-64 porters should look at this whole issue.
Dann: Could you take a look at this BR?


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