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Bug#406897: (forw) Bug#406897: kbd-chooser: keyboard problems (Turkish and perhaps Hebrew, Lithuanian and Latvian)

roktas wrote:
> * Christian Perrier [2007-01-15 06:48:40+0100]
>> Guys, in case you miss that topic bringed in -i18n. It concerns the
>> keymaps used for your languages in D-I and may require some testing
>> from yourselves.
>> In case you need details, please talk directly with Recai Oktas
>> (CC'ed) or followup in debian-i18n and 406897@bugs.debian.org.
>> This is a potentially important issue for your language(s) support in
>> D-I, so please take car to give it the needed attention.
> Thanks for contacting them, much appreciated.
>> ----- Forwarded message from roktas <roktas@debian.org> -----
>> - Hebrew, Lithuanian and Latvian keyboards may have been adversely affected
>>   as well (although 'ua', an Ukranian keymap, is also listed there, there
>>   should be no issue with the actual Ukranian keymap used in d-i, AFAIK).
>>   So I strongly suggest that these keymaps should also be tested by the
>>   relevant parties if haven't been already (hence CCed to debian-i18n).
> To make it clear: this issue is related to the plain console (VT) and not X
> Window (e.g. xterm).  Also, please use a daily d-i iso (netinst or full
> cd).
>>     + First, test all the keys on the newly installed system and make sure
>>       that they all work as expected.  If you notice an error, start a new
>>       installation, just switch to VT2 (using <alt-f2>) during the early
>>       stages of d-i (e.g. before partitioning) and run the following
>>       command:
>>         sed -i -e 's/kbd-mode/:/g' \
>>             /usr/lib/post-base-installer.d/20kbd-chooser
>>      + Proceed with the installation as normally and perform the same
>>        tests.
> Another note: Perhaps you won't see any problem with the current situation.
> But I appreciate if you test the effect of the lack of the workaround which
> is present in the current post-base-installer.  The above command just does
> this.  Depending on your test results, we would be able to get rid of this
> hack completely.

I've tested the this with net installations from daily build (used
24-01). The Hebrew keymap isn't OK. It was checked with English & Hebrew

I'm attaching a screen shot from the English installation.

Tomorrow I'll send results from the second test you asked.

Sorry for the delay.


Lior Kaplan

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