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Bug#403195: installation: Finnish timezone not selected by the etch installer

Christian Perrier wrote:
Could you give details about the successive actions you had in the
language choosing step:

Hmm.. difficult to remember as I eventually decided to use a different image to boot the slug.

-chosen language
-chosen country

Would have been UK English.

Which priority did you use for the install? Was it the default
priority (ie booting by just hitting Enter at the installer boot
prompt), or something else like "epxert"?

This device doesn't have an installer boot prompt.

Basically the slug has no console or serial port. What happens is you boot it with the bootstrap image and eventually it beeps and you can ssh in. At that point it's in the debian installer in 'Low memory mode' and you have to select a short list of installer components to load.

See http://www.cyrius.com/debian/nslu2/install.html for the installation instructions (as far as I know the same ones everyone uses).

One possibility is the instructions are missing something important (eg. a missing installer component) and it's confusing the timezones somehow.


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