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Bug#407035: graphical installer crashes

Joel Johnson wrote:
Dragging GUI elements in the graphical installer can lead to a crash of
the partitioning step. When this happens, the installer attempts to
restart the task with "Starting up the partitioner" but hangs about
mid-way through the status bar. Dragging a line appears to confirm or
merge its actions with the target (dropping a line onto itself seems to
select and confirm the action, which could be dangerous).

This has happened to me at multiple screens within the partitioner, I
will follow up with exact lines to reproduce, I believe dragging the
first hard drive line onto the blank line above triggers this.

The error printed on VC1 after the crash is
(partially): "gtk_text_view_start_selection_drag: assertion failed: text
view -> selection_drag_handler == 0"

Joel Johnson

I tried to reproduce the drag crash, but could not drag anything
anywhere: could you please explain in the details what has to be dragged
and how.



I tried with the latest daily build in a VM but couldn't reproduce the
dragging. I also tried that daily build on the bare hardware that had
produced the error before, but likewise couldn't reproduce it. I did use a
different keyboard/mouse combination, and I'll retry with the original
set, but perhaps something got changed to eliminate the ability to drag?

No problem, i later eventually found how to reproduc the crash (by dragging a block of selected text) and also found out a patch. This bug should be fixed as soon as patch gets commited and new cdebconf package is uploaded.
Thanks for spotting this bug.


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