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Re: D-I Manual - Call to start updating translations (deadline: Jan 22)

On Thursday 28 December 2006 03:00, Frans Pop wrote:
> ================
> Jan 22: Second upload, final version for the release

Thanks to the excellent efforts of translators, we've made this timeline 
exactly. The installation guide has just been uploaded, with the 
following languages enabled:
- English
- Catalan
- Chinese (simplified)
- Czech
- Finnish -- new since Sarge
- French
- German
- Hungarian -- new since Sarge
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Portuguese (BR)
- Portuguese (PT)
- Russian
- Spanish
- Swedish -- new since Sarge
- Vietnamese -- new since Sarge

My compliments also to the people who have been reviewing translations. 
The past week has seen quite a few commits with minor changes after 

Unfortunately for two languages the translations have not been kept 
up-to-date since the release of Sarge and so are not included in this 
upload; hopefully they can be included again in the future:
- Chinese (traditional)
- Greek

The freeze for the manual is now ended (and as there are a few changes 

I'm not sure yet if there will be another upload before the release of 
Etch, but it does look quite likely as some task sizes have changed 


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