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Bug#407905: installation-report: boot fails with encrypted root over raid

reassign 407905 partman-md
forcemerge 407905 393728

On Mon, Jan 22, 2007 at 10:43:00AM +0100, Robert Lemmen wrote:
Package: installation-report
Severity: normal

i installed a computer yesterday, using the weekly images from the 15.
january. i didn't use the graphical installer. one of the points of this
installation was to try encrypted root over raid, which almost worked
out od the box, which is really sweet. the finished system doesn't boot,
since a file /conf/conf.d/cryptroot is missing in the initramfs, it should contain the information about the crypted partition (source= and target=
lines are needed, the rest is ok in my case). i did work my way around
this using the cryptopts karnel parameter.

if you have any questions about the setup, just mail.

This is an already known bug with partman-md, and unfortunately one that requires changes of a magnitude which make them unsuitable to add before the upcoming d-i Etch release (see bugs #393728, #397872, #398464).

oh, and i noticed that the wiki says encrypted swap is currently not
working because it can't generate the entropy. this seemed to work for

That only applies for installations using the graphical installer.

David Härdeman

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